An Introduction to Sociology and the Real World
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More About This Title An Introduction to Sociology and the Real World


"David believes that a sociology book should enable the reader to understand social problems. David uses his background, including research on the single homeless, to look at sociological perspectives and research methods. The book looks at the variety of perspectives, including Marxism, Functionalism, Feminism, and Neo-Liberalism. David's political experience is relevant here.

His transport background, as both a worker and a lecturer, is reflected in the chapters on urbanism. A sociology book that claims to be comprehensive but ignores global warming would be nonsensical as it is the most important problem for current and future generations; therefore, this book discusses this issue and what to do about it.

David's chapter on crime looks at the importance of crime to the victims, using statistics, so that it presents a different perspective to many other books. The chapter on race reflects the ways in which perceptions of immigration have little relationship to the actual data which is available and also the way in which the media has a great influence on public opinion. David uses his examiner experience, as well as teaching experience, to examine the different aspects of the educational system. The chapter on religion reflects the wide variety of views on this subject. As a Quaker, David's views on religion have a Quaker perspective and this is reflected in his book. The hatred towards people of other religions or no religion is also examined in both contemporary society and the past. The influence of education and attitudes towards it are examined. David has put in the chapter on questions and answers since many students have a problem in knowing where to start when answering exam style questions.

This book would be ideal for first year university students, including the London International Degree, as well as for A Level students looking for different material. Learning Through Cooperation Ltd. hopes that this book will provide support to anyone sitting their exams. For more details on how Learning Through Cooperation can help you, please visit

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