My Travel Memoirs
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"If you?re planning to visit Bangladesh, Jordan, and Europe, then you?ll need to do some Research work done in order to get the most out of your experience. Animesh Ray takes you on a glorious tour spanning two continents and thousands of miles in part one of his memoirs, reliving the glorious adventures he?s enjoyed and sharing the lessons he?s learned during his many travels.
Filled with historical and geographic data, he weaves in wisdom from ancient times up until the present, candidly sharing his observations on the places he?s been. The author also celebrates the flora and fauna of European countries as he vividly describes his adventures of travelling he had enjoyed on the highways, railways and waterways. You?ll get a panoramic view of scenic landscapes, snowcapped mountains, ancient architecture, and captivating artwork.
Whether it?s experiencing the beauty of cathedrals, castles, museums or other tourist destinations, you?ll feel like you?re right in the middle of thrilling sites?and you?ll also find out which sites to avoid that might be disappointing.
Open up new worlds without taking copious notes or reading dry textbooks, and join the author as he shares adventure after adventure in My Travel Memoirs."

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