The Dilemma of Being Chosen
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THE DILEMMA OF BEING CHOSEN is about the triangular interworking of being chosen, being favoured, and being purposed for a specific task. Being chosen by God for whatever task is in itself a tremendous honour, but with such honour comes the dilemma that the vessel of choice has to face in relation to that specific task. Long after God has made His choice in choosing the vessel, the vessel, more often than not, struggles with the context of his or her life in relation to his or her purpose. For a follower of Christ, the irony of being chosen is this: we are chosen out of the world to live in the world. The place from where we are chosen and the one in which we live are two very different places. Finding ourselves in between these two worlds is when the tug-of-war inside of us starts. We would be in error if we thought that our lives could remain unaffected by the impact of our being chosen for whatever purpose. From the inception of such purpose to its manifestation, a person is in need of divine favour to bridge the gap. The truth is that although we are called out of the world whilst living in the world, the debilitating atmosphere of the world aims to misalign us from our purpose. It is such paradox that sets us on a collision course with ourselves, which will bring us into contact with the dilemma of being chosen.

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