The Fighter
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My sister Arian was a fighter who, since the age of twenty eight, battled cancer for nearly nineteen years, always with a smile on her face, a hope to survive, and a desire to live. She never asked, Why me? She never complained about any pain and never gave up on life. She looked at cancer as an opportunity to make the best out of the rest of her life, which she lived outside her comfort zone to achieve her dreams. She never let cancer control her life and lived by ?I have cancer, cancer doesn?t have me.? She was among the 3% survivors who survived metastatic cancer for over ten years. Her therapist was her strong faith and she immersed herself in God. She wiped her tears of fears with prayers. She never lost her will. She was blessed with the energy and spirit to provide comfort those cancer patients in times of spiritual distress and anxiety the last years of her life. As a matter of fact her phone number was pinned on the board of the cancer center for those patient who needed words of comfort and needed to talk. Arian was a business woman who succeeded in her career after being diagnosed with cancer. Life was about giving and she gave without expecting to even those who were never there for her, she never complained nor expected anything in return. She made sure to put a smile on someone?s face with a simple compliment every day. Arian?s biggest concern was to be able to help families and friends and putting their needs first where at times when she needed to be treated fairly, instead she was misunderstood and labelled as a shrewd business woman.

Exhibited At: International book fairs