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Blood Words by Manoshi Chitra Neogy from International Publications Media Group

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  • A Warrior's Walk
  • Author:
  • Editor:
    Jessica Piers
  • Illustrator:
    Shannon Crutchfield
  • Text Language:
  • Publisher Name:
    Francois Wilson
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  • ISBN 10:
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  • Price:
    USD 29.99
  • Publication Date:
    August 30, 2016
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  • International Publications Media Group
The peregrinate of two lives residing in one woman.  The peregrinate of two lives residing in one woman.
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Blood words / a warrior walk is an epic work of fiction. It is the book which leads to the film of the same title, the script of which has already been written. It is about a woman of the elements; she encompasses everything in us and represents our most basic selves. She is complex and simple and is ready to live love and learn at every moment. She is the lives and cries of two separate beings in one. One bound in social structures and set molds, and the other following her inner guide and her intuitive eye. Blood words reflect a notion of space and time as perceived through the eyes of a young Indian woman. Through her the nature of dualities inherent in each one of us is explored and interweaves the struggles and textures of two cultures experienced and lived in one individual. She is seen within both cultures and visual and emotional montages in both ambiances reflect the textures and struggles of a warrior woman, an individual, and an artist who follows her call and her numinosity. She has a startling ability to make you think beyond yourself. She walks on a path that declares us to evolve or dissolve. She is the fallen Apsara, a female spirit of the clouds, who came to earth to give mankind more. She walks with the east and the west and holds the essence of both cultures within her. The theme of the book is inspired by her own background and experiences as a woman-artist from one culture carving and sculpting her life in another culture. And though at times in moments of despair, anguish and pain when part of her looks back and longs to return to safety and warmth of her own culture, like a magnificent bird of flight she rises from the ashes of herself and conquers all nostalgia and sentimentality.

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PROFESSOR – NYU, TISCH SCHOOL OF FILM MANOSHI CHITRA NEOGY is a filmmaker, director, poet, actress, professor and author. she is a wildly talented and complex artist, determined to push the envelope of artistic expression. she has worked nationally and internationally directing numerous documentaries and short films which have led to countless awards and accolades. ‘woman-self’, a thirty-minute film received awards such as best rendition of poetry in motion and for best director at the south Asian film festival in NYC, festival of vision in Colorado, women’s film festival in France and the international short film festival in Montreal, Canada.

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"This author confesses to herself, to all of her selves past and present and does this valiantly for the selves to come. Whether you are a young or old soul, you need to know how this woman talks to herself and learns to love herself. Blood Words is a walk without fear of all of the possible paths presented, so prepare yourself, because our guide takes the ones very few of us would dare to. " Sheril D. Antonio. ACADEMIC ASSOCIATE DEAN; ASSOCIATE ARTS PROFESSOR.