TWO sons TOO many
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More About This Title TWO sons TOO many


TWO sons TOO many, is a MEMOIR tale of a young adult's life as he grows through his childhood of rough and tumble to aim to the stars and do everything he can to reach them.  The authors journey is full of fun loving events and adventure. When tragedy strikes it strikes hard and deep and though to many, disbelief, it does strike often.   The highs reached within the story and the self transformation are quite surreal however a dedicated faith seems to reign through.   The lows will jerk a tear or two here and there although what may seem unbelievable is all true and written within the covers. The trouble with the truth is always the same, it is the hardest thing to ever believe. Someone can tell anyone lies and they will be swallowed hook, line and sinker. Tell the same person the truth and the response is often, get out of here, now way and such. Well here in this story of growth and life and loss is revealed a story of true and devastating loss all the while living for the future.   Some may find it is exactly how it happened to them and many will just pause and imagine, again the question, is this true?  Enjoy getting to know Aidan through his life story and continue to have faith no matter what life throws at you.This story may cause some heartfelt emotions and may also provide a good hearty chuckle and for both there can be no apologies only to inform you they are parts of Aidan's life, his story that may cause you never to leave this book down or if only to run and have a deep moment with yourself. TWO sons TOO many, says it all in the title, Whoever thought two sons would be too many? Now we must look for a daughter.