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"?Just call me Brandon,? says Dr Brandon Edwin Martin-Schally to Chief Detective Inspector McArthur when he is asked to give a statement about his discovery of the body of his best friend, Hanwell, wrapped in black polythene and pinioned on a breakwater in South River early one Sunday morning.

Further events force him to realise that his secure and happy life with his wife, Naomi, and their children, Kurt and Andrea, is about to change. He decides to hunt down and expose those responsible for Hanwell?s death and who still pose a danger to himself.

Could the mastermind be someone very close to him at the university? Who is the mysterious and ethereal squatter, Eric? As he embarks upon his mission, little does Brandon realise the additional heartache which he will have to endure.

Brandon is a new detective mystery story by Lee J Morrison. There is murder, passion, romance, and unknown danger as Brandon becomes embroiled with subversive forces committing heinous crimes against humanity."

Exhibited At: International book fairs