Broken Images

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"Abhinav Sharma comes to a big city from a small nondescript town with his newly married wife in search of a living. After initial struggles he achieves a degree of success in the city. Just when he thought that he has achieved a commendable position in society, his world comes crashing down by a quirk of fate. Not only it is his financial standing that crashes but his family too begins to disintegrate. He weathers the crisis with a great deal of effort but in the process something breaks down inside him. He is disillusioned with the city life and with his family too. He wants to return to his roots to find some solace in life but he can?t abandon his wife and his son. It is not his love for them but his sense of responsibility that compels him to stay back and set things right for them.
He regains his financial position but he cannot redeem his family which falls apart. He unsuccessfully tries to fill the void within himself by going to another woman. After he has settled his wife and his son comfortably in life, he leaves for his native place where he finally settles down and finds some contentment in life in his vocation and in Lutia with whom he forms a symbiotic relationship. This is a story of his karma and its retributive justice."

Exhibited At: International book fairs