Manual de estudios estratégicos y seguridad internacional

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More About This Title Manual de estudios estratégicos y seguridad internacional


The threat and use of armed force for political ends on the part of states and non-governmental operators remains a core characteristic of the world we live in. Manual de estudios estratégicos y seguridad internacional helps shed some light of this challenging aspect of reality. It does so by taking a multidisciplinary approach, in keeping with the many-faceted nature of the subjects dealt with. An overview of international relations-related theories will leave readers well placed to better grasp the problems inherited in the legal regime governing the use of force, the state of play as regards shifting approaches to strategy, and the revolutionary developments in the military field. An array of core concepts in strategic studies is also included, such as the theory of dissuasion, the security dilemma, cyber-warfare, strategic intelligence, the process by which public defense strategies are formed, defense, terrorism and insurgency, to name a few. The sheer wealth of subjects tackled in the handbook and the rigorous approach taken, together with its comprehensive analysis and clarity of thought, makes this work a benchmark textbook in the field.


Javier Jordán is a professor in the Department of Politial Science and Administration at the University of Granada. He is also the author of Seguridad, Defense hoy, and La seguridad más allá del estado.