Start & Run a Gift Basket Business

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Learn how to start and operate a gift basket business from a North American leader. Create unique gifts for a variety of occasions Work from home or seasonally — and profit Develop effective marketing tools Learn the step-by-step basics of running your own business With little more than some working space and a few basket-making items, an ambitious and creative person can cash in on the gift basket boom. The potential for unearthing new markets and finding motivated clients is unlimited in this easy-to-run small business. Topics covered include: Researching the existing market Finding a suitable work space Pricing the gift baskets Creating theme and seasonal baskets Dealing with wholesalers Finding clients Advertising and promotion


Mardi Foster-Walker owns and operates Foster Walker Enterprises Inc. in Vancouver, Toronto, and Seattle, a successful gift packaging business specializing in the corporate and cruise-ship markets. Previously, she developed live cooking shows in the United States and Canada featuring regional cuisines. She is an active member of several business and tourism-oriented organizations as well as charitable groups. Mardi is co-author of Start & Run an Event Planning Business, also from Self-Counsel Press.