Chairing a Meeting

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Do you need help running a meeting? The rules of order used to run formal meetings can be confusing and intimidating. Why, then, do we use them? Because they work! This is a simple guide on how to run a meeting according to rules of order used to run formal meetings. It is intended for people who have little or no experience running meetings, and as such, is written clearly and concisely without unnecessary jargon or obscure references. The basic concepts, skills, and information discussed throughout this book are applicable to virtually any type of meeting, large or small. It covers, among other topics, the following: Preparation for the meeting Calling the meeting to order The agenda Forms of address Making main motions and amendments Originally published in 1875 'Robert's Rules of Order' is widely considered to be THE definitive source on the subject of parliamentary procedure. But not everybody has time to read 816 pages! 'Chairing a Meeting' is designed to serve as a slim, handy pocketbook reference for those with little to no experience chairing any size meeting. A Cliffs Notes version of Robert's Rules if you will. Government, Corporate, and Private sectors all hold official meetings that require a chair person. The principles in this book are applicable to virtually any type of meeting, from large business meetings to smaller and less formal gatherings of community groups, strata councils, and so on. 'Chairing a Meeting' also includes useful tables, charts, checklists, and a sample meeting agenda that will help even the most amateur chairperson oversee a meeting with confidence and speed things along.


Kevin Paul, MA began his professional career teaching study skills at the University of Victoria. He has been a student services professional for more than 20 years and has talked with thousands of students about what it takes to be a successful learner. Currently, he is president of Kihon Learning Systems, a company dedicated to helping students of all ages achieve success in their studies. He also serves as Dean of Student Services at Langara College in Vancouver.