Pot Holders for All Seasons

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Pot Holders for All Seasons contains a wide variety of quilted pot holders. You can easily find the perfect design for any time of the year or occasion to dress up your kitchen. They are so cute you may prefer to hang them instead of hiding them in a drawer. Select one of the 20 creative pot holders, pull out your scrap basket and you're ready to start stitching fun!


Chris Malone has been sewing and crafting most of her life and became an avid quilter over 15 years ago. She has had hundreds of designs published in industry magazines and books and authored several of her own. She is a regular contributor to Quilter's World magazine and Annie's quilting and sewing book titles. Chris' whimsical style has been a favorite of many quilters and sewists and is easily recognizable at a glance. She resides in the beautiful and inspiring state of Oregon.