Dangerous Game
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The Russians have caused a nuclear explosion at 300 miles in the atmosphere above central China causing an electronic magnetic pulse and sending China back to the stone age. All electrical power is out and all electrical devices have been rendered inoperative. This has resulted in no transportation, no manufacturing and loss of medicine including no medical supplies. Because of this situation food is in short supply which will soon cause riots and many deaths. John Walker, a CIA agent, currently working for Omega Aviation in Salt Lake City is recruited to help the Chinese because of his fluency in speaking Mandarin Chinese Join John as he works his way through the many challenges he encounters in northern China trying to help the Chinese people overcome the issues presented to them by the EMP.


H.J "Walt" Walter is a retired naval aviator who served four years in the Antarctic. He spent 22 years flying all types of naval aircraft including single engine props & jets, multiengine props & jets and the turboprop powered C-130. After retirement he earned his college degrees. A Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Earth Science and Master of Science in Education He also has three years of mechanical engineering at Purdue University and attended the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. Taught high school Technology Education and Pre-Engineering at Canisius College and was employed in the engineering department of an aerospace corporation.