Biological Safety
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Comprehensive coverage of the identification, assessment, and management of biological hazards. • Serves as a resource for those involved in biological safety, including program managers, biological safety professionals.


Table of Contents

Section I. Hazard Identification

Section Editor: Lynn Harding

1. Microbial Flora of Humans and Microbial Virulence Factors, Paul A. Granato
2. Indigenous and Pathogenic Agents of Research Animals, Diane O. Fleming
3. Laboratory, Growth Chamber, and Greenhouse Microbial Safety: Plant Pathogens and Plant-Associated Microorganisms of Significance to Human Health, Ann K. Vidaver, Sue A. Tolin, and Patricia Lambrecht
4. Epidemiology of Laboratory-Associated Infections, Lynn Harding and Karen Brandt Byers
Section II. Hazard Assessment

Section Editors: Diane O. Fleming and Debra L. Hunt

5. Risk Assessment of Biological Hazards, Diane O. Fleming
6. Bacterial Pathogens, Joseph Coggin, Jr.
7. Protozoa and Helminths, Barbara L. Herwaldt
8. Mycotic Agents of Human Disease, Wiley A. Schell
9. Viral Agents of Human Disease: Biosafety Concerns, Jason P. Paragus and Timothy P. Endy
10. Biosafety for Microorganisms Transmitted Primarily by the Airborne Route, Michael A. Pentella, Pamela A. Kostle, Lucy DesJardin, and Mary J. R. Gilchrist
11. Cell Lines: Applications and Biosafety, Otto Doblhoff-Dier and Glyn Stacey
12. Allergens of Animal and Biological Systems, Wanda Phipatanakul and Robert A. Wood
13. Biological Toxins: Safety and Science, Joseph P. Kozlovac and Robert J. Hawley
Section III. Hazard Control

Section Editors: Elizabeth Gilman Duane and Richard C. Fink

14. Design of Biomedical Laboratory Facilities, Jonathan T. Crane and Jonathan Y. Richmond
15. Other Primary Barriers and Equipment-Associated Hazards, Elizabeth A. Gilman Duane and Richard C. Fink
16. Primary Barriers: Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, and Gloves Boxes, David G. Stuart, David C. Eagleson, and Ch. arles W. Quint, Jr.
17. Personal Respiratory Protection, Nicole Vars McCullough
18. Standard (Universal) Precautions for Handling Human Specimens, Debra L. Hunt
19. Prudent Biosafety Practices, Diane O. Fleming
20. Decontamination and Disinfection, Martin S. Favero and Matthew J. Arduino
21. Packaging and Shipping Biological Materials, Larry D. Gray and James w. Snyder
Section IV. Administrative Control

Section Editors: LouAnn Burnett and Janet Peterson

22. Biological Safety Program Management, LouAnn Crawford Burnett
23. Biosafety Compliance: a Global Perspective, Richard Rebar and Halley Moriyama
24. Occupational Medicine in a Biomedical Research Setting, Deborah E. Wilson and James M. Schmidt
25. Measuring Biosafety Program Effectiveness, Janet S. Peterson and Robert J. Hashimoto
Section V. Special Considerations for Biosafety

Section Editors: Mary L. Cipriano and Robert Hawley

26. The Biosafety of Prion Diseases, Henry Baron and Stanley B. Prusiner
27. Safety Considerations in the BSL-4 Maximum Containment Laboratory, David S. Bressler and Robert J. Hawley
28. Biosafety and Viral Gene Transfer Vectors, Thomas A. Kost, Patrick J. Condreay, and Claudia A. Mickelson
29. Biosafety in the Teaching Laboratory, David M. Cariberg and Michael R. Yeaman
30. Biosafety in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Paul J. Meechan, Joseph Gyuris, Brian R. Petuch, Michel M. Chartrain, and Wayne K. Herber
31. Large-Scale Production of Microorganisms, Mary L. Cipriano
32. Special Considerations for Agriculture Pathogen Biosafety, Robert A. Heckert and Joseph P. Kozlovac
33. Biosafety and Biosecurity: Regulatory Impact, Robert J. Hawley and Theresa D. Duley