Germ Proof Your Kids
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More About This Title Germ Proof Your Kids


The inside source on germ defense—from antibiotics and vaccines to health foods and home remedies.

Provides an easy-to-use home reference book of childhood infections and methods of prevention and treatmentIncludes valuable explanations of the array of defenses against germs and infections Answers parents’ most pressing questions, such as "Are vaccines safe?" and "What are the risks of antibiotics?"
Offers a wide array of approaches to infection prevention—from vaccines and vitamin supplements to antibiotics and air purifiers
Presents material in easy-to-read language, with a light and humorous tone for parents, while offering scientific information detailed and precise enough to satisfy the physician readers as well


Table of Contents

I. Worthy Enemies

1. Germinology: Know Your Enemy

2. Germ Roots and Germ Routes: Where They Come from, Where They Go, and How They Get from Here to There

3. Plagued: a Glossary of Diseases

II. Weapons in the War

4. Homeland Security: Our Natural Defenses against Germ Invasions

5. Germinators: Antibiotics as Miracle and Menace

6. Germinators II: Antivirals, Antifungals, Anti-parasitics

7. Vaccine Verisimilitude: Venerated, Vilified, Vindicated

8. Over-the-Counter or Over-the-Top: Symptom Relief

III. Wear Your Boots in the Rain

9. Sanitary Sanity: Personal, Household, and Community Hygiene

10. From the Fridge to the Fringe: Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements

11. Miscellaneous Mom-isms: Sleep, Stress, Weather, and Wardrobe, Exercise, and Everything Else

IV. Wisdom of the Ages

12. Prudent Paranoia: Common Sense