Sampling for Biological Agents in the Environment
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More About This Title Sampling for Biological Agents in the Environment


Presents best practices for standardizing procedures and technology to properly sample for biological threat agents.

Focuses on all aspects of acquiring, packaging, and transporting a representative biological sample from the environment.Emphasizes key topics through the use of graphics, photographs, and real-world examples.Presents detailed information in clear and concise language that can be appreciated by a technical audience and understood by nontechnical readers.Standardizes procedures, responses, and techniques by covering multiple sampling types (air, water, and surfaces).


Table of Contents

1. Missteps and Mistakes: Lessons Learned from Real-World Incidents, Peter Emanuel

2. Getting Started: Planning the Sampling Mission, Mark Durno, Myles Bartos, and Jack Kelly

3. Sampling Teams, Daniel Martin and Anthony Intrepido

4. The Role of Sampling in the Phases of a Biological Event: Fact and Fiction in an Airport Scenario, Matt Gillen

5. Surface Sampling, Anne Busher, Judith Noble-Wang, and Laura Rose

6. Indoor and Outdoor Air Sampling, Kristin Omberg and Linda Stetzenbach

7. Environmental Samples as Evidence: Labeling and Documentation at a Crime Scene, Steven Drielak

8. Sample Packaging and Transport: Biosafety from Cradle to Grave, Nick Cirino and David Cook

9. Laboratory Resources, Jason W. Roos and Christina Egan

10. Environmental Sampling Today: Advances since the 2001 Anthrax Attacks, Dorothy Canter