Food-Borne Viruses
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More About This Title Food-Borne Viruses


Details the distribution, definition, and impact of food-borne viruses, illuminating this major health concern.

Summarizes the latest knowledge on these viral strains, their detection and control, and associated challenges, and points toward important new directions for future research. Explores the effect of commonly detected food-borne viruses and new viruses, such as SARS virus, coronavirus, Nipah virus, and avian influenza virus, on food practices. Essential reading for researchers and practitioners interested in any aspect of food-borne viral illness.


Table of Contents

1. Historic Overview of Food Virology, Dean O. Cliver

2. Food-Borne Viruses—State of the Art, Marc-Alain Widdowson and Jan Vinjé

3. Enterically Transmitted Hepatitis, Rakesh Aggarwal

4. The Challenge of Estimating the Burden of an Underreported Disease, Sarah J. O’Brien

5. Emerging Food-Borne Viral Diseases, Erwin Duizer and Marion Koopmans

6. Viral Evolution and Its Relevance for Food-Borne Virus Epidemiology, Esteban Domingo and Harry Vennema

7. Rethinking Virus Detection in Food, Rosa M. Pintó and Albert Bosch

8. Binding and Inactivation of Viruses on and in Food, with a Focus on the Role of the Matrix, Françoise S. Le Guyader and Robert L. Atmar

9. Codex’ Risk Analysis Framework To Reduce Virus in Food Risks, Jaap Jansen

10. Risk Assessment of Viruses in Food: Opportunities and Challenges, Arie H. Havelaar and Saskia A. Rutjes