Doors of Santa Fe

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The colors reflect and contrast with those of the high desert blue sky, the subdued blues of the distant mountains, the reds of the ferrous soils, and the greens of the juniper trees. They contrast with the various adobes (five official colors in Santa Fe) in ways that make them stand out from their surroundings. This book is about more than doors. It’s about entering a unique lifestyle, a way of looking at the world, and of reflecting the world in which one lives. Doors are the first thing one sees when coming to one’s home, or the home of a friend. Doors represent. They both reflect and contrast with the landscape.


A long-time resident of Santa Fe and San Francisco, Lonergan brings his familiarity with the unique mix of cultures that is Santa Fe. A graduate of Brown and Harvard, he has participated in the cultural and social scene of Santa Fe for decades.