A Light At the End of the Tunnel

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This book is a guide for people entering the Federal Prison System for the first time. It will help them and their families with the transition. They will feel at ease about the process as their questions will be answered. All available programs are discussed and explained at length. Terms and definitions are explained as well. All of your questions will be answered.


James Kelleher was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison. He spent the first 10 months in County, 14 months at Fort Dix where he earned his GED which allowed him to transfer to a camp which was Lewisburg Where he completed 16 months. While he was inside he was enrolled in the RDAP Program which allowed him to be released early. James' ability to understand the system and use the knowledge he gained to his advantage earned him the name "Jimmy the Gem". Like anyone being sent away he was fearful of the unknown and had to learn all of these things on his own. James wrote this book to help people that are about to enter the Federal Prison System and their families. This book will without a doubt ease their transition.