World's Great Golf Courses

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Some golf courses are out of this world. A keen golfer has a choice of over 36,000 courses around the world, with about half of those in the United States alone. While opinion on what constitutes the “best” courses varies, author Chris McLeod highlights some of the world’s great courses based on four key criteria: the challenge, the scenery, the accommodating, and the tradition. Of course the quality of the course itself also comes into play. From the Holy Grail courses, such as Augusta and the Old Course at St Andrews, to some lesser known courses worthy of being added to your bucket list, McLeod has compiled here an inspiring list for golf enthusiasts.


Chris McLeod took up serious golf relatively late in life, due to his work as a journalist making regular play difficult. But he has always been keen on the game whether as player, spectator, or administrator. Though the quality of his game is nothing to brag about, he tries to play at least twice a week and likes to visit other golf courses. He was President of Box Hill Golf Club for six years and has been a member for 25 years.