Perspectives On Design Toronto

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Featuring private residencies in a variety of styles and sizes, this timeless collection of fine design captures the essence of luxury living in this design-forward part of the world. Chapter by chapter, the process whereby a dream home comes to fruition is revealed. Readers will enjoy the intricate and surprising details found in homes designed by renowned architects like Peter Higgins and interior designers like Ariel Muller, and will be in awe of the artisans of R&R Woodwork,  landscape architect Janet Rosenberg, and dozens of other highly regarded professionals who transform homes into stunning showcases. This book will inform and inspire home-owners and provide both an insider’s perspective on how an exquisite residence comes to life as well as an introduction to creators and importers of high-end products.


Panache Partners, LLC is a publishing company based in Dallas, Texas, that specializes in developing upscale coffee-table books on luxury lifestyle subjects including architecture, interior design, golf, wine, art, event planning, and travel.