Formula 1 Flashpoints

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These are the things that leave you shaking your head—in disbelief, anger, wonder, sadness, or frustration. Formula 1 engenders it all. You know the breathtaking overtaking move; the sizzling qualifying lap; the tragedy; the technical genius; the sheer appreciation of exceptional talent. As Formula 1 enters its 65th year, there’s plenty of them to reflect on. From the start, back in 1950, through to the highly technical sport-cum-business that is 21st century F1, the sport has dished up many, many edge-of-the-seat moments. F1 Flashpoints is our collection of those points in time, those days when Formula 1 delivered in one way or the other.


Chris Lambden is a motorsport writer and publisher based, for the most part, in Australia, where he published Australian Motorsport News for some 17 years. He edited leading motorsport magazine Auto Action before launching Motorsport News. Most recently, in partnership with leading UK F1 photographer Keith Sutton, he launched international online F1/MotoGP/WRC magazine