Facebook Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy
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Discover the Secrets to Making Money With Facebook!

Not sure how to navigate your way through all those likes, friends and newsfeeds to boost your marketing efforts?

Want to know how to use Facebook to spread your message, build your brand...and make some frickin' moolah?

Looking for a NO B.S. and super-simple guide to this profitable (though often frustrating) social network?

Worry not! Because in "Facebook Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy" you'l find out:

• 7 Secrets to Facebook Engagement
• Facebook Advertising for Fun (and Mucho Profit)
• How to Create a FanPage That Doesn't Suck
• Getting Your First 1000 Fans (in 60 Seconds or Less)
• How to Get Super-Cheap Leads (and We Mean "Super-Cheap!")

…and so much more!

And each chapter includes easy-to-follow action steps to help you boost your Facebook marketing game - without taking a single $2,000 online course.

So, why not begin your quest to Facebook marketing awesomeness...today!


Michael Clarke is a former corporate cubicle drone, turned social media strategist. He is the founder/editor of Punk Rock Marketing magazine and is the author of more than 8 books on social media marketing.


Prologue: Yeah, But How Do You Make Money With Facebook

Chapter 1: Five Ways to Find Rocket Fuel for Your Fan Page

Chapter 2: Six Keys to a Profitable Facebook Sales Machine

Chapter 3: The Ultimate Facebook Fan Page Makeover

Chapter 4: Getting Your First 1000 Fans (in 60 Seconds or Less)

Chapter 5: The How, What, When and Where of Facebook Posting

Chapter 6: Creating a Facebook Ad Strategy That Doesn't Suck (and Actually Makes You Money)

Chapter 7: How to Use Content Ads to Boost Your Brand (and Bottom Line)

Chapter 8: How to Get Super-Cheap Leads
With Facebook Video Ads

Chapter 9: Facebook Retargeing Ads...the Final (Profitable) Frontier

Chapter 10: Contests, Offers and Facebook
Live...Oh My!


Step by step instructions in plain, simple English work wonders when a person's brain has been over-saturated by all the media hype. Fabulous job!" -R. Tackett