Amy & Jada

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Amy and Jada is about two girls who go on an intergalactic adventure to fix a broken robot named Tinker. The girls take a spaceship to three different planets in order to collect the parts they need to repair their new friend. Once they gather all the pieces, they return to Earth, where Tinker teaches them how to fix him. Using their newfound engineering skills, the girls travel around the galaxy and help all robots in need. Amy and Jada was written by FRC Team 1868 - The Space Cookies. Each page was painstakingly designed and illustrated with the end goal of furthering the exposure of young girls to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). As an all-girls robotics team, The Space Cookies aim to close the gap in gender representation in STEM. The story of Amy and Jada shows young female readers that they are capable of anything, including becoming engineers and fixing robots like Tinker.


The Space Cookies, an all-girls robotics team, were founded in 2006 as a partnership between NASA and the Girl Scouts to create a sustainable environment to inspire the next generation of female technology leaders.