Houdini's Gift

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Ben's ADD (ADHD, attention deficit disorder) gets in the way of his enjoyment of his pet hamster. Revisiting well-loved characters from Eagle Eyes, this picture book presents Ben with the challenge of earning another pet after losing his pet hamster. Knowing that Ben is not ready to care for a new pet, his parents help him develop responsibility and readiness by using a reward chart. Young readers will enjoy sharing the secret that Mom keeps from Ben through the whole process of selecting and preparing for the new pet. The advice within the story shows how families living with ADHD or learning disabilities will gain solace by fine-tuning desired behaviors through setting and pursuing goals.


Jeanne Gehret, MA is a former teacher, sought-after speaker on parenting issues, and the author of children’s books on ADHD and learning disabilities, including I'm Somebody Too. She lives in Fairport, New York.  Michael LaDuca is an artist who has worked on  oil paintings, watercolors, sculpting, and hand-drawn works of art. He lives in Buffalo, New York.


"An engaging story that illustrates how a simple tactic—and a good deal of parental support—can greatly help a memory challenged child."  —Thomas W. Phelan, PhD, author, 1-2-3 Magic

Praise for The Coping Series:

“The fusion of words and pictures makes these short books speak volumes. In just a few pages Jeanne Gehret has fleshed out kids who seem like I’ve known them forever. At the same time they are uniquely themselves but representative of these wonderful, perplexing children as a group.”  —Teresa Allissa Citro, chief executive officer, Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc.

"Ms. Gehret has found a clever and fun way to teach children (and parents, too!) how to become more organized and responsible. By using a simple chore chart, Ben earns points to obtaining his special wish (a new pet), but he also gets a 'gift' that should last him a lifetime."  Patricia O. Quinn, MD, author,  Putting on the Brakes: Understanding and Taking Control of Your ADD or ADHD