Your Complete Guide to College Success
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College and real life aren't the distinct worlds they're often made out to be. With the proper skills, knowledge, and attitudes you can tackle college work and cope effectively with issues you'll encounter for the rest of your adult life, such as:
Learning in the most effective and efficient way
Figuring out the social scene
Defining your goals and accomplishing them
Creatively adapting to the changing world

Your Complete Guide to College Success is an up-to-date, evidence-based book that provides a roadmap for how to be successful in college — and afterwards. It covers a comprehensive set of academic and personal topics, and distills research results and advice into a student-friendly, readable package.

In this book, you'll get insider advice on how to get free tutoring on any topic, how to look for help with your courses before it's too late — and what to do if it is. You'll also get concrete recommendations for everything from selecting a major and an appropriate career to dealing with roommate problems and how to cope when personal matters go wrong.

This book incorporates interviews with students and key staff members at numerous colleges and universities, as well as the author's 25 years experience as an academic leader. It will show you the best, most practical ways to achieve college success while also giving you more time for fun.