Gone the Way of the Truth

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Gone the Way of Truth is a journey through Galway’s rich and varied past illustrated by graves of note. The gravestones themselves are monuments to people who once walked the streets and bohreens of Galway. They formed the very fabric of what it meant to be a part of this historic county. The author has travelled the city and country extensively in the course of his research, discovering the resting places of, amongst others, musicians, poets, the last President of the League of Nations, saints, and those who have shaped the course of Irish history. What emerges is a valuable exploration of an underexplored part of Irish heritage.


Rónan Gearóid Ó Domhnaill is an author, historian, and teacher, raised in Galway and currently teaching in Dublin. He studied Irish, German, philosophy, and history at National University of Ireland Galway. Previous books include a collection of Irish legends written in German, Fadó: Tales of Lesser-Known Irish History (2013), followed by a sequel, Fadó Fadó: More Tales of Lesser-Known Irish History (2015).