Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention for Youth
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More About This Title Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention for Youth


Many recent books in clinical psychology with children and adolescents have highlighted the use of neuropsychological assessment, neuroscience, and clinical interventions for complex developmental and neurological disorders — but not for the most common behavioral disorders that present in this young population. Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention for Youth serves to fill this significant void in the professional literature.

This comprehensive text translates basic brain science into empirically-supported clinical assessments and interventions for children. Co-editors Reddy, Weissman, and Hale — all first-rate clinical researchers — selected the emotional and behavioral disorders examined in each chapter based on their high prevalence in children and adolescents (e.g., OCD, ADHD, anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, etc.).

As such, it serves as the first published text bridging the gap between neuropsychological evaluation and clinical interventions for youth with emotional and behavioral disorders. This is a timely and important issue as emerging researchers — and the field at large — gain greater awareness of the intersection between neuropsychology and clinical practice.

Written for clinicians and other practitioners who are involved with treating children and adolescents with prevalent emotional and behavioral disorders in this young population, Neuropsychological Assessment and Intervention for Youth will also appeal to clinical researchers and to students in graduate psychology courses.