Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children

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Why is Cambridgeshire so flat? Probably because of all the giants who used to stomp around it! If you travel to or live in the land of Cambridgeshire, you could be walking in the footsteps of witches, kings, or monsters. Journey through time to meet the giant-slayers of Roman times, the future-seers of Norman times, the history-shapers of the British Civil War, and even men from Victorian times who could travel on two legs faster than a steam train! What is truth, and what is myth? Decide for yourself after reading these tales of Cambridgeshire—the home of heroes from history.


Chip Colquhoun co-founded Snail Tales Storytelling in 2007 and soon secured funding for a series of school residencies. He devised and performed online videos for the Oxford Reading Tree's Traditional Tales series, and was commissioned in 2013 to write guidance on storytelling in education for the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. Chip is on the board of the Society for Storytelling.