Run, Pip, Run

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A smart but prickly 10-year-old must survive on wits and luck when she goes on the run in modern-day Sydney. Pip Sullivan's 10th birthday was a disaster—and that was only the beginning. With her beloved Sully in hospital and the welfare hot on her heels, Pip needs time, money, and a place to stay. She's determined to stay one step ahead of Senior Constable Molly Dunlop! With help from her friends—including a psychic cat and a canine escape artist—Pip needs to stay out of dreaded foster homes so she can help Sully get better. Run, Pip, Run is a warm-hearted story about a small girl on her own in a big city, but who knows a thing or two about loyalty, bravery, and friendship.


J.C. Jones is an author who lives in Sydney.