Edwardian Devon

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A century ago, Britain was locked in a devastating worldwide conflict that would change every aspect of British society. This book explores life in Devon in 1900-1914, offering a fascinating glimpse of a world now long-vanished before the war broke out. It reveals a county undergoing a surprising degree of change: farmers struggled as cheap grain imports flooded in; the railways brought thousands of tourists and made trade easier to handle; amusements proliferated with music halls, fairs, and picture houses; and education and religion stimulated bitter controversies. It was a worrying time overseas too: Great Britain’s supremacy was increasingly challenged, and the warships in Devon’s harbors and army maneuvers on the moors drew many comments as the storm clouds began to gather over Europe.


Dr. David Parker was a headmaster for many years. After attaining his PhD, he moved to Devon and joined the new University of Plymouth’s Faculty of Education, first as History lecturer, then as Masters Programme Director, and finally as International Masters Programme Project Manager. He has written many articles for popular journals, as well as several books, including The People of Devon in the First World War (2013). He lives in Exeter.