Pope to the Poor
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On March 13, 2013, at 7:06 pm (Central European Time), white smoke was spotted rising from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel where the conclave was being held. It could only mean one thing -- a new pope had been chosen to lead the Catholic Church. Although many did not know the name of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Cardinal from Argentina, as he was not predicted to be the new pope by any of the analysts or even administrators of the church, the world quickly began to praise him for his extremely humble attitude and straightforward manner. News headlines exploded with information about the first non-European and first Jesuit pope in the history of the church, and Latin Americans rejoiced at finally having significant representation in the church hierarchy.

This biography will follow Bergoglio's ancestors as they travel by ship from Italy to Buenos Aires, explore Jorge's career as priest, bishop, and later cardinal, delve deep into his beliefs and opinions about the world and the state of the church, as well as attempt to predict how this man from humble beginnings will help shape the Catholic Church in the future.

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Chapter 1: Early Life and Education
Family and Childhood
The Decision to Become a Priest

Chapter 2: Career
Ascension Through the Ranks

Chapter 3: The Dirty War and Clashes With the Government
The Dirty War and Scandal
Clashes with the Argentine Government

Chapter 4: Beliefs
A Quick Breakdown
Stance on Key Issues
Pro-Life: Abortion, Euthanasia and the Death Penalty
Same Sex Relations: Marriage, Adoption and the Treatment of Gays
Sexuality: Contraception and Sex Education
Economics: Poverty, Work and Modern-day Slavery
Hypocrisy and Baptism

Chapter 5: Opinions on the Catholic Church
Status of the Church Worldwide
Celibacy and Sex Scandals
Fear and Guilt in the Church
Catholicism in the Modern Era

Chapter 6: Pope Francis I
His Election to Pope
World Wide Response
Breaking Tradition - Pope Francis’ Humility

Chapter 7: Criticisms and the Future of the Catholic Church
Criticisms of the New Pope
The Future of Francis and the Catholic Church

Chapter 8: A Short History Lesson
The Modern Catholic Church
The Society of Jesus
Behind the Name: Francis of Assisi