Swindon Works

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The age of steam is past, the reality of Swindon Works is long gone now — but the legend lives on. What made the Great Western Railway’s Swindon Works iconic? Was it its world-wide reputation; perhaps its profound impact in shaping New Swindon town; or that it melded those who worked "Inside" into one big family? This book, by popular railway historian Rosa Matheson, provides some answers; in a new, exciting format it helps explain why the never-ending love story continues. With big facts and fascinating stories it is a must read not only for "Insiders" and their families and heirs, nor just for GWR fans and railway enthusiasts everywhere, but also to newcomers seeking to find a way in to railway history.


Rosa Mathseon is Swindon’s best-known railway author. A long-time enthusiast of Swindon Works, GWR, and women’s railway history, she has a large collection of memorabilia and has written a number of books and articles on her pet topics. She is also active in presenting talks to the community.