Seasons of Hope

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In Seasons of Hope, Rusty Hayes describes how God takes us through different, and sometimes painful, seasons to hope. He begins with the reality of a fall. Hope often begins with a fall of some kind. When we fall, we tend to look up. And God is waiting. Winter is a time of death, when things that need to die pass away. God can take us through a winter to rid us of dangerous habits and defects. Spring begins to see new life emerge as God breaks the soil of His new work in us. And summer is a time of fruitful maturation. In each season, hope is available and developed. Rusty also gives us recovery insights that help with growth and transition through the seasons. Seasons of Hope shows us hope is available to all who turn to the Lord.


Rusty Hayes is the Senior Pastor of First Free Church, Rockford IL. Born and raised in Louisiana, Rusty is married to his wife of 26 years, Judi, and has four children. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Colorado in Psychology/Pre-med, a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate from Trinity International University. Before First Free, he served churches in Atlanta GA, Racine WI, and Dallas TX.