Not Right in the Head

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Michelle Wyatt's mom always joked with the family that if she ever developed Alzheimer's like her own mother—Michelle's grandmother—they should put her in a home and throw away the key. When she did ultimately succumb to the disease, the choice to put her in a nursing home became the only option. During the next six years, Michelle, a well-known television producer, visited her mom often while her dad kept a daily vigil in the nursing home. What Michelle and her family discovered throughout these challenging times was that allowing themselves to see the funny side of the weird and wonderful things they witnessed while visiting her mom made a difficult journey just that little bit easier. This memoir is a light-hearted but moving account of Michelle's experience with her mom's dementia, giving us an insight in how to cope compassionately, effectively, and lastingly with a disease that affects almost 400,000 people in Australia alone.


Michelle Wyatt is the producer for Ch10'S The Project.