The Kitchener Enigma

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Royle revises Kitchener’s latterday image to reveal a warm-hearted, tender, and caring man capable of displaying great loyalty and love to those close to him. New light is thrown on his Irish childhood, his years in the Middle East, and his attachment to the Arab cause, and on the infamous struggle with Lord Curzon over the army in India. In particular, Royle reassesses Kitchener’s role in World War I, presenting his phenomenally successful recruitment campaign—"Your Country Needs You"—as a major contribution to the Allied victory and rehabilitating him as a brilliant strategist.


Trevor Royle is a broadcaster and an award-winning author. He is the author of Montgomery: Lessons In Leadership from the Soldier’s General and The Wars of the Roses: England’s First Civil War. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and is also a member of the Scottish Government’s Advisory Panel for Commemorating the First World War.