Capturing Enigma

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The incredible story of how HMS Petard and her gallant crew seized priceless German Enigma codebook from a sinking U-boat is one of the greatest stories of World War II. An attack by a British destroyer on a German U-boat in the Eastern Mediterranean in October 1942 altered the course of the entire war. The capture of secret coding material from U-559, at the cost of two of HMS Petard's crew, enabled Bletchley Park's codebreakers to successfully crack the U-boat cypher.


Stephen Harper served in the Royal Navy during World War II as a coder on HMS Petard on her second commission, from 1945 to 1946. After the war he followed a career as a journalist and was Foreign Correspondent for the Daily Express for more than 20 years, and later Chief Foreign Correspondent. He is the author of Last Sunset, Miracle of Deliverance, and two novels.