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Vulcan: God of Fire is a historical account of Britain’s nuclear deterrent force, the development of atomic and thermonuclear weapons and the bombers. From its design and development through to its RAF service and career history, this book is the definitive work on the aircraft. Historical information is combined with first-hand accounts from former air and ground crews, and a full description of the service history or disposal of every Vulcan aircraft manufactured is included. This book comprises a comprehensive work on the Vulcan aircraft and its role in British aviation, with many previously unpublished images to accompany this fascinating account.


Tim McLelland is an experienced author specializing in military aerospace subjects. He is the author of Britain's Cold War Bombers, Britain's Cold War Fighters, and The Typhoon Story. Having flown in a wide range of military aircraft and taken part in four Red Arrows display routines, McLelland is a Vulcan specialist.