The Mountains Between
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"Mother's hand swung round and slapped Jennie across the ankles. 'Don't be so disgusting!' she hissed. 'You were never wanted, you know!' Never wanted? never wanted? never wanted?" Despite a comfortable living, surrounded by lush farmlands, Jennie?s life under the critical eye of her tyrannical mother is hard. Desperate for affection, she stumbles upon dark secrets and into the uncertain murmurings of love. On the other side of the scarred mountainside, and in the wake of a disaster that tears through his family and their tight-knit mining community, Harry finds the burden of manhood abruptly thrust upon his young shoulders. Through the turmoil of the Depression years, life for both Harry and Jennie takes many unexpected turns, with love won and lost. But the onset of World War II brings changes that neither could have imagined.