Going Astray
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At what precise moment does a curch become a cult? ... When Laura and Malcolm's everyday church joins a much larger American one, it all seems for the best. But their lives are turned upside down when the church community they move into becomes more and more cult-like in its behaviour. And when her toddler's life is risked by the church leaders, Laura knows she has to escape. Already, though, the community has become a prison, and she becomes more and more frantic in the struggle against her husband's and son's disinterest in leaving, her growing attraction to another man, and her confusion about basic Christian gifts of the Spirit. Finally Laura acts, but her breathtaking struggle to escape tears apart the family as this story of betrayal builds to a terrifying climax. ... Endorsements for "Going Astray": "This book is unlike anything else on the market at the moment - a page-turner. Issues of healing, gifts of the Spirit, faithfulness in marriage, and discipleship are dealt with in a thoughtful but challenging way as they emerge through the story, amid some delightful and humorous scenes. Get it and enjoy it!" - Rob and Marion White, Mainstream Network Ministries, www.mainstream-uk.com; co-founder and Chairman of Hope for Justice, www.hopeforjustice.org.uk ... "The author has so clearly depicted the horror of moving to a place where Christians would hope to find sanctuary, peace and love, but finding instead a prison." -Sue Gibbons, writer and TV producer