Southern Steam

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Ron Buckley’s evocative photographs reveal the changing scene of the Southern Railway, illustrating from the later 1930s those regrouping classes that were still working. These included the work of such well-known designers as Dugald Drummond and Robert Urie of the London and South Western Railway, the Billingtons and Earle Marsh of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway, and Harry Wainwright and Richard Maunsell of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway. Ron’s later photographs, from 1946 onwards, continue to show remaining working pre-grouping locomotives and also portray the newer Oliver Bulleid-designed Pacifics introduced during 1941. Visits to the Isle of Wight during the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s enabled him to capture images of almost the entire fleet of locomotives working there during those four decades.


Ron Buckley has been photographing railways all of his life. He joined the LM&SR as a wages clerk in 1934 and retired in 1977 after over 42 years’ service with the railways. Brian Dickson worked in publishing for over 35 years. Now a volunteer locomotive fireman and driver at a heritage railway, he has previously written Diesel Power in the North East and Scottish Steam.