Breaking the Circle
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Emily Danvers, a young New Zealand teacher, finds herself doing relief work in a primary school where one of her pupils will need her to go above and beyond the call of duty to rescue not only him, but his mother and stepfather too, from the circle of abuse. But when she tackles Robert's stepfather, Sel, she sets off a chain of events which leads to catastrophe on a fishing trip. Life lessons come from the school of hard knocks; Sel and Robert are thrown into company with a bitter, elderly recluse on an island. Annie Fitzpatrick has all the experience she needs to keep the two in line. But what will Annie herself learn from her two surprise visitors? ... Robert's mother, Mihi, has been taking drugs to deal with their situation, but when things go horribly wrong and she thinks she has lost both Sel and Robert, does she even want the baby in her womb any longer? Meanwhile Emily's flatmate, Katelynn, seems to have it all - beauty, a great job, and a round of exciting boyfriends. Usually well in control of her life, she is now suddenly in a quandary, and when she accepts a proposal of marriage none of them can predict the tragic outcome. In the midst of being strong for everyone around her, Emily suddenly discovers that her new friend Don, though clumsy and socially awkward, has hidden depths, and his own quiet strength becomes her rock. He even manages to charm her embittered mother! Unexpectedly she finds that her feelings could well become something more than just friendship ... but can she really give up her city life to move to a remote dairy farm, surrounded by his brothers and widowed mother - not to mention one large, floppy sheepdog cross?