Nesting for Empty Nesters®

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You don’t need a retirement home. You need a great home for retirement! Nesting for Empty Nesters®: The Vacation Style Living™ Approach to Aging in Place is the practical guide to using smart design to prepare your home now for a better quality of life in retirement and beyond. Author Francisca Alonso, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects, and co-founder of AV Architects + Builders in Great Falls, Virginia, challenges you to reimagine and reinvent your home into a stylish, comfortable and safe retreat for decades to come - an oasis where you can age in place. Research shows that by age 65 an astounding 87% of adults want to stay in their current home and community as they age. Still, 90% of homeowners will procrastinate in preparing their home for aging in place and risk being forced into last minute, limited, and costly decisions by a health issue. Nesting for Empty Nesters® will show you how to be part of the 10% who plan for a retirement of casual luxury at home surrounded by family and friends. Aging in place is living an active, fulfilling life, independently in your own home custom designed for your comfort, convenience and safety in retirement and beyond. Nesting for Empty Nesters® reveals that the baby boomer generation is embracing aging in place as part of the “successful aging” trend and remodeling their homes to support this new vision of the Golden Years. They want – and deserve – homes that give them the freedom to flourish into the future. They want homes that are beautiful, functional, open, welcoming, convenient and easy to navigate. Maybe for the first time, they can create the home they truly want, the home that’s all about them, transforming their empty nest into the luxurious retreat they’ve always wanted. Nesting for Empty Nesters® guides you through the process of evaluating the home you have and the key steps to transforming it into the home you need to age in place. With stunning photography, inspirational quote and expert tips, Alonso prepares you for life’s next grand adventure - right where you live. Chapter 1 - Is Your Home Ready for the Next Stage of Your Life? Chapter 2 - You Don’t Need a Retirement Home – You Need a Great Home for Retirement Chapter 3 - What is Aging in Place? Chapter 4 - Right Where You Want to Be: Keeping Your Community and Reinventing Your Home Chapter 5 - It’s Decision Making Time: Choose Wisely Chapter 6 - Does Your Home Serve Your Needs? Chapter 7 - 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Now Chapter 8 - Changing Needs, Smarter Design, Better Lifestyle Chapter 9 - Do I Remodel, Move or Build New? Chapter 10 - Building New for the New You – Considerations Chapter 11 - Remodeling for Retirement and Beyond Chapter 12 - Multi-Generational Living – Making Room for Mom & Dad Chapter 13 - “I just can’t see it.” – When to Call in an Expert Chapter 14 - What is Vacation Style Living™? Chapter 15 - What will I need? The Elements of a Vacation Style Living™ Home for Retirement Chapter 16 - Main Floor Living Chapter 17 - Smarter Spaces: Where do you really “live”? Chapter 18 - Finding Space and Maximizing Floor Plan Chapter 19 - Does Size Really Matter? A New Approach to Square Footage Chapter 20 - Vacation Style Living™ – The Basics of Vacation-Style Aging in Place Chapter 21 - Find Inspiration Chapter 22 - Choose a Style Chapter 23 - Lighting Chapter 24 - Interior Finishes Chapter 25 - Hidden Hazards and Beautiful Solutions Chapter 26 - Furniture Chapter 27 - Elements to Eliminate Chapter 28 - It’s All About the Flow – Connecting Inside with Outside Chapter 29 - Outdoor Spaces Chapter 30 - Exterior Finishes Chapter 31 - Choosing an Architect Chapter 32 - What is an Architect-Builder? Chapter 33 - Interviewing Your Architect-Builder Chapter 34 - Budgeting: How to Age in Place without Breaking the Bank Chapter 35 - Start Now About the Author – Francisca Alonso About the Author – Antonio Alonso Resources


Francisca Alonso has been designing, remodeling and building homes for families in the Northern Virginia area for more than 15 years as CEO and Co-Founder of AV Architects + Builders, established in 2001 and headquartered in Great Falls, VA. With a passion for building homes that are designed around a family’s needs, she uses her Vacation Style Living™ approach to improve her clients’ quality of life with a clever combination of casual luxury and practical conveniences for every stage of life. An area builder of choice, Alonso has assembled a skilled team of experienced craftsmen to execute her designs with excellence, whether bringing a client’s dream home to life or partnering with area colleagues to ensure their architectural vision is achieved on time, on budget and above expectations. A magna cum laude graduate of The School of Architecture at The Catholic University, Alonso is also CAPS Certified. Born in Chile and raised in Spain, she comes from a family of architects and builders including her father, internationally acclaimed luxury resort designer and architect Melvin Villarroel Roldan. Alonso and her husband, fellow architect, co-author and business partner Antonio Alonso, reside in Northern Virginia with their four teenage children.