What Made You Think of That?

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From a marketing guru, practical set methods for coming up with bright ideas and answers to problems and issues that arise in both work and play

With this simple, easy-to-understand guide, readers can unlock their own great ideas and those great ideas lurking in the people or company around them. Some people consistently seem to have original and different ways of approaching problems, ideas, or opportunities while some individuals and companies see opportunities where others can't. This book is both an explanation and celebration of the methods those people use for thinking differently. It provides readers with a true understanding of how imagination and creativity works with plenty of tips, tools, and real life stories to illustrate just how easy it can be. Practical steps are included to guide leaders in creating an organization that empowers its entire staff, from CEO to casual employees, to think differently about every aspect of the business, thus leading to better solutions for customers or clients and ultimately greater success. There has never before been a more important time for every individual and every company to be thinking differently about themselves and their business.


Gary Bertwistle is the author of The Vibe: The Marketing Handbook for Every Product, Service and Industry. He opened Australia's first creative thinking venue, called the Ideas Vault, which is used by some of the country's biggest corporations for creative thinking, meetings, seminars, and training sessions. He is the co-founder of one of Australia's leading cycling foundations, the Tour de Cure, and is an award-winning speaker on the topic of creativity.