Photographers of the Western Isles

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When the internationally renowned photographer Paul Strand visited South Uist in 1954 to create a series of powerful portraits and landscape views, he was not alone in singling out the Western Isles for photographic attention. This book discusses why and how various photographers have been drawn to these fascinating islands and the ways in which photographic images have been created and viewed within Hebridean communities from the late 19th century onward. From Captain F. W. L. Thomas’s first images of St. Kilda in 1860 to George Washington Wilson’s topographical images of the Highlands, this beautiful compilation celebrates the distinctive way of life in the isles and the legacy of the talented photographers who were inspired by them.


Martin Padget is a senior lecturer in English at Aberystwyth University. He is the author of Indian Country: Travels in the American Southwest, 1840-1935 and the coauthor of Beginning Ethnic American Literatures.