The Unsinkable Herr Goering
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More About This Title The Unsinkable Herr Goering


The Unsinkable Herr Goering by Ian Cassidy.

Publisher: The Cassowary Press (March 1st 2013) Language: English. ISBN-10: 0984964401 ISBN-13 :978-0984964406. Paperback: 357 Pages.

The Unsinkable Herr Goering is a rough and tumble comedy telling the story of Herman Goering’s attempted escape from justice and how a dodgy Brummie house painter and his staff get involved.

Through a series of extraordinary scenes that contain a bit of bribery and corruption, oodles of illicit sex, lots of boozing, plenty of punch-ups, just a little painting and decorating, a race in a fast car through occupied Europe and a boat chase along the Spanish coast the story unfolds of how a team of very unlikely heroes from a small town in rural England thwart the escape plans of a notorious war criminal.

But its not entirely frivolous, whilst it’s a great fun romp through recent history where I play fast and loose with the facts, the book does have a serious side. I try to make a few observations about honesty and tolerance. The main character may be horribly flawed, greedy, grasping and permanently looking to get his leg over but deep down he and the others are basically good, honest, ordinary men in extraordinary situations and they rise to challenge and do the right thing.


About Ian Cassidy.

Ian Cassidy was born in Brownhills just as the 'swinging sixties' became the austere, strike-ridden seventies. He went to school in Walsall, where he still lives. He studied law in London but hated being a barrister so he tried teaching law at a local university. Needless to say he hated that as well and so he tried his hand at string of jobs including painting and decorating, bookmaking, restoring antique furniture & paintings and stocktaking for a beer tap manufacturer.
He now teaches law privately and writes.


“Contrary to what the so-called history books tell you, Hermann Goering, Hitler's Deputy, Head of the Luftwaffe and second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, did not leave this world courtesy of a cyanide tablet secreted in the heel of his jackboot minutes before his appointment with the hangman. The truth is far more bizarre. THE UNSINKABLE HERR GOERING is a monumental debut novel by Ian Cassidy. It follows Goering, a man blindsided by hubris, on his attempted escape - from both Germany as well as from the Allies - and the inept men of mettle who put a stop to it. It is a hilariously depraved story of villainous villains, slightly less villainous heroes, bad behaviour (and even worse beer), and uncomfortable underwear. Not since A Confederacy of Dunces has a book brought to life such audaciously flawed characters. It gets so much wrong, yet so much right.”