Morgan's Law

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When advertising executive Sarah Murphy heads to a small town to fulfill a mysterious last wish of her late grandmother, her journey leads her to love and greater understanding of both herself and her grandmother

When Sarah Murphy returns to Australia she desperately needs a break from her high-powered London life. And though mystified by her grandmother's dying wish for her ashes to be scattered under "the wishing tree" on the banks of the Negallan River, she sets out to do just that. While searching for the wishing tree, Sarah stays in the small township of Negallan. It's there that she finally has some time to relax and unwind, there that she finds herself drawn to a handsome local farmer, and there that she discovers her inquiries about her grandmother are causing disquiet within the powerful local Morgan family. Will the Morgans prevent Sarah from discovering the truth about her grandmother? And should she risk her glittering career for a simpler existence in the country, and the possibility of true love? 


Karly Lane has published several romance e-novels.