Day of the Living Pizza
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Detective Smarts of Crazy Name Town has a problem. Doctor Boring and his receptionist have been bumped off, and the only clues at the scene are some olives, tomatoes, mushrooms and a sprinkle of oregano. With the townsfolk dropping like flies and strange-looking figures stumbling down the streets mumbling "Pizza!", Officer Dewdrop has an idea.

Juvenile fiction/YA/age ten up.


The book has reviews on Amazon and Smashwords. Some snippets...

"I really liked this story. It was funny and the author did a great job of making "zombies" out of something most kids love: Pizza! The names she used (Detective Smart) and the fact that a mystery was woven into a zombie book made it so much more fun. The only problem was that after I read it, I really wanted pizza to eat and my mom decided on burgers instead. I recommend this book to any kid over the age of ten or eleven. It will make you laugh, make you hungry, and make you want to read it again and again!" (Gage Bailey, age fourteen)

"It is a fun bit of escapism written in a very witty style about the ever popular food, Pizza and the importance of offering all possible toppings for it. Part zombie apocalypse and part young adult crime mystery and fully hysterical, this short work delivers many grins and chuckles as Detective Smart matches what passes for wits with a town of Pizza Zombies with limited vocabulary." (Ed Drury)

"A really fun read for kids and kids at heart! I really don't like zombies--but then who does? These were a taste (ok, pun intended) of zombies without the gore. Just right for tender hearts and chickens like me. The names of her characters are wonderful and will bring a giggle." (Linda Rae Blair)

"Day of the Living Pizza was written for the younger generation but anyone who wants a good, goofy, fun read will get a kick out of this story. It is silly but that is what makes the story so enjoyable to read. The author has a wonderful sense of humour as shown by the character's names (Officer Dewdrop, Joe Mango, Bob Banana, Chief Egg),and the mystery involved (why are people turning into walking pizza zombies?). If you are in the mood for some silliness and need a good laugh, Day of the Living Pizza is the book for you." (Greta Burroughs)

"I couldn't help it, I found myself laughing aloud many times as I read this story. The idea of someone running down the street screaming while a giant pizza man chased her was both funny and scary. I struggled between wanting to eat a pizza and being laughingly grossed out." (Ey Wade)

"Who would have thought that a story about people turning into Pizzas would be so funny, especially when there is some mystery mixed in for good measure. Vickie Johnstone, author of several other fun and witty novels will brighten your day with Day of the Living Pizza." (Gregory S Lamb)