Life's Rhythms

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Old meets new in this collection of haiku, composed in the traditional pattern of three lines with -- syllables. Subjects include: nature, life, food, animals, loss, love, longing, hope, the seasons, dreams and time.

I like creating little words that paint a picture for the reader.


This book has reviews on Amazon and Smashwords. Here are some snippets...

"A series of studies in Haiku by the author of the fantastic Kiwi series of YA fantasy books. I've read some of Ms. Johnstone's poetry before and this collection is something of a departure from those which I have read. It is a bit more mature and yet it possesses the same grounded kindness which has made her a much beloved writer of young adult fiction. There are bits of sad reality mixed in with joyful beauty to form little threads of reflections on life. Some of them I found profoundly and beautifully sad. My favourite of those was, "She laughs so seldom, Cries when no one is looking, Keeps herself hidden." This is both a heartbreaking image that provokes parental feelings in the reader and at the same time demonstrates an empowering honesty that I found quite touching.
My favourite of the entire collection is one which I wish I had written and certainly felt on many an occasion. "He holds the wide stage, Empty and bereft of sound, hypnotizing him." Anyone who has walked out upon a stage as been in this moment.
I spent the morning with these poems, reading, clipping and reflecting. I find them wonderful little treasure and am happy to have them in my library, there for when I need to summon an image for comfort or inspiration." (Ed Drury)

"How can I describe how I felt when reading the poems? I wanted to enter the poem and feel the emotions. Kind of like sitting in my rocker looking out into the piney woods that surround my house. I feel the trees swaying, birds and squirrels playing. Reading her poems were like that, inspiring, heartfelt and full of wonder. An emotional experience." (It's time to read Mamaw)

"There are some evocative words and great imagery here, and many of the poems can easily be linked together to form lyrical stories. Definitely worth a read!" (E Meyer)

"Life's Rhythms is a great selection of traditional haiku. There is beauty as well as current themes reflecting nature and man's misuse of it." (Ben Ditmars)

"Life flows through Vickie's words. Each haiku is a novel, a story within itself. Vickie's words are picturesque. I could 'feel' the rain as it fell on the leaves and remember how green smells when the rain touches the earth." (Ey Wade)