Math at the Art Museum

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This charming and colorful book incorporates mathematical concepts by introducing children to a fresh perspective on math through art


When his father tells him there’s math in art, a young boy is suspicious of the idea. But when the boy explores paintings and other masterpieces with his sister and their parents, he begins to understand there is math in art, both hidden and visible. He sees, too, that math in art is brilliant—and beautiful! Hands-on activities and elementary mathematical concepts that relate to perspective, composition, symmetry, patterns, and other elements in artwork turn exploring art into an eye-opening adventure.


Group Majoongmul is an authors’ collaborative that creates books for children. They are based in Seoul, South Korea. Yun-ju Kim studied illustration in London and teaches at the university level. She is the illustrator of The Boy with the Fire and The Chopstick Master.


“An ambitious picture-book introduction to the underlying mathematical principles that can be discovered in a major art museum.” —Kirkus Reviews"Here is pedagogy matched with beauty for the 5-to-7-year-old set. Accessible text by the writing team Group Majoongmul runs alongside Yun-ju Kim’s collage illustrations, which depict two children and their parents viewing notable works by Seurat, Picasso, Kandinsky and others." —The Wall Street Journal“This is a different way of combining art and math while making it interesting for a young reader.” —The Aptos Times